Apr 20 My New Book Hit the Stores!

I've got some good news to share! My new book "Trööömmmpffff ou la voix d'Elie" from Éditions du Rouergue finally hit the bookstores last week. I'm especially thankful to super talented Olivier Douzou for the beautiful design of this book. It is a great pleasure and honour to work with such people! You can find more info about the story here. 

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Mar 28 Sander and Muri got a big prize!

© Ilmar Saabas/ Päevaleht

"The Story of Sander, Muri, the Tiny Mommy and the Invisible Aksel" got Estonia's most important  and desirable children's literature prize, the Children's Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. I'm happy and grateful.
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Feb 11 Silly Stories Staged by Spirito in France

Spirito is a highly professional musical group from Lyon and I'm more than happy and proud that they have staged my "Le Thé des poissons" for the young audience. The music for the show is written by the wonderful Samuel Sighicelli and Benjamin de la Fuente and the coreography is made by Ambra Senatore and of course there are lots and lots of other talented people involved. There's more information available here and a peek of the show here. Merci beaucoup!

© Espace Albert Camus 2016

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Jan 16 Le immagini della fantasia 33

This beautiful catalogue of "Le immagini della fantasia 33" was recently sent to me from Sarmede, Italy. It is a pleasure and honour to have my pictures participating there on the exhibition among all these wonderful illustrations from around the world.
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Dec 26 2015

Meeting with children in Budapest (photo by Kai Tiislär).

This has been a fantastic year filled with lots of exciting work, new books, travels, workshops and meetings with young readers in Brussels, Luxembourg, Bologna, Budapest, Riga, Vienna and Graz. I'm especially thankful to all the publishers and translators who have helped to publish my books outside Estonia. The cherry on the cake is my latest book which was published a few weeks ago here in Tallinn by Tänapäev. 

Workshop in Bologna.

Workshop in Vienna.

My new book.
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Oct 01 My latest book from Éditions du Rouergue is here!

Today's best news is my book from Éditions du Rouergue Jeunesse "Voisins zinzins et autres histoires de mon immeuble". The book has been translated from Estonian by wonderful Jean-Pascal Ollivry and it will be officially published next Wednesday. It is one of my most favourite books I have ever written, so I sincerely hope that the French readers will like it too!
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Jun 30 Good news!

This has been such a busy spring and I haven't posted any news for ages. That doesn't mean I don't have any. My crazy princess stories and slightly silly stories were published in Poland this week (by Adamantan/Finebooks) and "Princess Lulu and Mister Bones" is now available in Italian (Sinnos) and Lithuanian (Dominicus Lituanus). Good for me!
In addition to that I've been nominated to Hans Christian Andersen Award. Well that's something, isn't it?

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Jan 16 My New Picture Book is here!

The first copy of my new picture book from Éditions du Rouergue is here and I'm really satisfied with the result. It will be officially published in February.
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Jan 02 Me, Mum and All Sorts of Our Friends

This is not news really, because the book "Mina, emme ja meie igasugused sõbrad" ("Me, Mum and All sorts of Our Friends") was published some weeks ago, but I'm still happy about it. I guess every author considers his or her latest book to be the best he/she has ever written and so do I.
Taavi  is a boy with a vivid imagination. He and his mom have all sorts of funny and extravagant friends. Uku for instance  wants to become a dog when he grows up, Mia has a fly living in her head and uncle Jaanus is about to drown in his own deep thoughts. These are stories filled with absurdity and some humor and several clever thoughts (at least I hope so).
The book is published by Tänapäev and it is designed by Dan Mikkin.

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Dec 02 Book Fair in Paris

I spent some lovely days in Paris at Montreuil Children's Book Fair this November - had meetings with schoolkids, signed books and discussed future projects with my publisher - the fabulous Éditions du Rouergue Jeunesse. These were days full of inspiration, excitement and books and books and books. Merci!

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Sep 24 Princess Lulu in France!

Today's best news is my book from Éditions du Rouergue Jeunesse "Princesse Lulu et monsieur Nonosse". The book has been translated from Estonian by wonderful Jean-Pascal Ollivry and it is now available in all the best bookshops of France. It was first published in Estonia in 2008 and is one of my most popular books here. I sincerely hope that the French kids will like it too!
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Jun 11 "Emma Loves Pink" from Fukuinkan!

Here it is - my new picture book from Fukuinkan! It is written for small girls who like the colour pink to find out that actually there are over nice colours too. Green for instance. The Japanese translation is made by Akie Maezawa.
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Apr 23 Princess Lulu and Mister Bones on the Stage!

My story about the brave princess and kind-hearted skeleton has been staged by Marika Palm at Ugala theatre in Viljandi. The script is written by Silvia Soro and the fabulous stage design made by Oleg Titov. Here You can see some pictures of several scenes of the play. The copyright of the photos belongs to Jaanus Laagriküll.

Bones' new clothes.

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Apr 21 "Slightly Silly Stories" in Russian!

From now my silly stories can be read in Russian too. The stories are translated by Maia Melts and published by Aleksandra. Hip, hooray!
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Dec 07 Princesses in Le Figaro and Piret at Montreuil!

After returning home from Paris, where I spent some fabulous time at Montreuil Children's Book Fair, I found this great review about my princess stories in Le Figaro. Meeting all these enthusiastic children at the fair and hearing so many good words from adult readers gave me much energy and inspiration to write more stories and draw more pictures. I love France! Merci!

Lovely ad of the fair.

My princesses and fish are in a very good company.
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Nov 15 Nomination for ALMA 2014

Illustration © Isol 2013

I'm really glad to find my name among the candidates nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. This is such an honour. Besides, Astrid Lindgren was one of my favourite authors when I was a child. I can't really imagine my childhood (or any other childhood!) without her stories.
The whole list is available here: 
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Oct 28 My new picture book is here!

My  new picture book "Roosi tahab lennata" ("Rosy Wants to Fly") is finally here. It tells a story about a little horse, called Rosy who desperately wants to fly like her famous ancestor Pegasus. In the end she finds out that composing poems may be as enjoyable as flying. The book is published by Mustvalge Kirjastus and designed by Dan Mikkin.

Some illustrations.
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Oct 07 Meeting of Illustrators in Poland

This weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to take part in an illustrators' event in the Old Town Hall of Gdansk, the home of Baltic Sea Cultural Centre of Poland. Illustrators from different Baltic Sea countries had gathered together to give talks and workshops and meet with each other. The highlight of the event was the opening of the exhibition "Sea Fairy Tales". These pictures by  artists from all the Baltic Sea countries were first exhibited in Tallinn in 2011. After that the exhibition has travelled to several countries and now it reached Gdansk. My picture (fish with red shoes) was chosen to be the symbol of the whole event and Grazyna Rigall from Poland used the image to make a huge mascot. It is quite impressive, isn't it?

The mascot of the event was sewn by Grazyna Rigall.

Grazyna Rigall has managed brilliantly to convey the spirit of my dear fish :).
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Sep 18 "Mister Bird's Story" in Lithuanian!

I'm really happy to announce that "Mister Bird's Story!" is now available in Lithuanian too. The book is published by Leidykla Sofoklis in Vilnius and translated by Viltarė Urbaitė. Such great news it is!
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Aug 22 "Sa majesté Ver-de-Terre" in Bookstores Soon!

Éditions du Rouergue has published my "Princesses with a Twist" in French. The French title is "Sa majesté Ver-de-Terre et autres folles princesses" and it is translated by Jean-Pascal Ollivry. It will be available in bookstores soon (in September) and I'm really happy about it!
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Mar 20 Princesses with a Twist

My latest book "Teistmoodi printsessilood" ("Princesses with a Twist") consists of 30 separate short and funny (I hope) stories about princesses. These are no ordinary princesses that live in an ordinary castle, however. For example – one finds a backwards-princess, who does everything the wrong way around, and a barking princess, who is bitten by a flea, as well as Princess Balloon, who organizes a ball for the balls, and Princess Mummy, who is afraid of mice. The book isn't short of a couple of evil dragons, and a few nice princes; not to mention heaps of beautiful dresses, hats, and rosebushes. The illustrations are black and white. Writing and illustrating this book was fun, I hope that the readers will love it too. It is designed by Dan Mikkin and published by Tänapäev. 

© Piret Raud

© Piret Raud
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Feb 21 The First Review for the Silly Stories in French!

I've just read the first review for my "Le thé des poissons". It is published in popular Télérama and it is so positive and really made my day!
Here it is http://www.telerama.fr/livres/le-the-des-poissons,93637.php
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Feb 13 "Slightly Silly Stories" in French!

Éditions du Rouergue has published my "Slightly Silly Stories" in French. The French title is "Le thé des poissons et autres histoires" and it is translated by Jean-Pascal Ollivry. I drew a new cover picture for it, here it is.
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Jan 14 "Emma Loves Pink" on a List of School Library Journal

"Emma Loves Pink", an app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch was published 3 years ago. It is so nice to see it today on a list of recommended apps of School Library Journal. http://www.slj.com/2013/01/books-media/reviews/apps/touch-and-go/a-long-list-of-recommended-apps/
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Oct 11 "Mister Bird's Story" in French!

My picture book "Mister Bird's Story" has been translated into French. It is published by Éditions Le Pommier in Paris and the French title is "Monsieur Oiseau veut changer de peau".
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Mar 28 Slightly Silly Stories

My new book "Natuke napakad lood" ("Slightly Silly Stories") is finally here. It consists of 30 separate short and funny stories. The characters in the book are slightly silly, but mostly kind. There's a fish called Amanda, who arranges tea-parties, an egg who practices yoga and an apple-tree who grows medals instead of apples. There's also a shy mobile phone, a tender hugging jumper, a kindhearted circle and many others.
The illustrations are black and white. Writing and illustrating this book was such fun, I hope that the readers will love it too. It is designed by Dan Mikkin and published by Tänapäev.

Some illustrations.
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Feb 28 Princess Lulu Got a Prize from Latvian Children!

My book in Latvian "Princese Scella un Leta kungs" ("Princess Lulu and Mister Bones") got the 1st Prize of the Children's Jury in Latvia (forms 3-4).

The reading promotion program Children’s Jury has been organized for the last several years in Latvia and has become very popular among children. As part of the program,  thousands of children from all over Latvia aged six to seventeen have the chance to read, evaluate, and express their opinions of the newest children’s literature from Latvian and international writers. The goals of the Children’s Jury are to foster a joy in reading, to give children the opportunity to express their thoughts about books and reading, and to ensure that children have access to the latest literature even if their families can’t afford to purchase books.

This is my first book published in Latvia and it is a real honour for me that Latvian children like it so much! I'm simply very touched. The book is translated by Maima Grīnberga and published by "Liels un mazs". 
Here one can find some more words about the book:
and the event:
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Jan 24 My New Picture Book from Fukuinkan

 © Piret Raud

I am very happy to announce that Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers in Japan has published my new picture book "Three Wishes". The story is based on the motifs of a well-known Estonian folk tale. The translation from English to Japanese is made by Aki Maezawa. The book is edited by Keiko Kurozumi and designed by Masuro Tsujimura.

You can find more information  here:


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Nov 09 Princess Lulu on the 2012 IBBY Honour List


My book "Printsess Luluu ja härra Kere" ("Princess Lulu and Mister Bones") has been chosen to represent Estonian children's literature on the 2012 IBBY Honour List. Also, a new edition of the book, first published in 2008, is available again. The complete list is here http://www.ibby.org/index.php?id=1221.

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Sep 19 "Mister Bird's Story" in Spanish!


I'm very happy to announce, that my picture book "Mister Bird's Story" has been translated into Spanish. "La curiosa historia del señor Pájaro" is  published by the Spanish publishing company  Libros del Zorro Rojo http://librosdelzorrorojo1.blogspot.com/2011/10/la-curiosa-historia-del-senor-pajaro.html and translated by Elena del Amo.


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Sep 02 "Mister Bird's Story" in 2010 White Ravens List

This is actually old news, but I found it out only today. "Mister Bird's Story" has been recognised on the 2010 White Ravens list for international children’s and youth literature. (http://www.ijb.de/files/whiteravens/wr10/estonia.htm)

Illustration from the book.
© Piret Raud

The White Ravens list is produced each year by the International Youth Library in Germany in recognition of "books of international interest that deserve a wider reception on account of their universal theme’ or ‘their exceptional and often innovative artistic and literary style and design".
The complete 2010 list can be found here http://www.ijb.de/files/whiteravens/wr10/Countries10.htm .
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May 14 Illustrators' Exhibition in Saarbrücken


 © Piret Raud


My illustrations will be exhibited in K4 Galerie in Saarbrücken (Germany) together with pictures by 19 artists from 9 countries. The artist are:
Roberto Innocenti,
Marije Tolman,
Elena Odriozola,
Krisztina Rényi,
Anna Obón,
Silvia Bonanni, 
Cecilia Bustos,
Colin Alexander Kaesekamp,
Olga Ilyushchanka,
Daniela Kulot,
Silvia Gonźalez,
Hannes Binder,
Nathalie Nierengarten,
Boglárka Paulovkin,
Kinga Rofusz,
Monica Solsona,
Katalin Szegedi and
Dieter Wiesmüller.
And me.
The exhibition will be open from the 28th of May untill the 12th of June. K4 Galerie has organized it in co-operation with Europäische Kinder- und Jugendbuchmesse Saarbrücken (The European Children's Book Fair in Saarbrücken).
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Apr 18 Mister Bird And EPBC II On BBC Woman's Hour

© Piret Raud


An extended version of the BBC World Service programme about EPBC II and my book "Mister Bird's Story" was broadcast on BBC Woman's Hour. The link is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0106408#p00gb6f2 .

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