Jan 02 Me, Mum and All Sorts of Our Friends

This is not news really, because the book "Mina, emme ja meie igasugused sõbrad" ("Me, Mum and All sorts of Our Friends") was published some weeks ago, but I'm still happy about it. I guess every author considers his or her latest book to be the best he/she has ever written and so do I.
Taavi  is a boy with a vivid imagination. He and his mom have all sorts of funny and extravagant friends. Uku for instance  wants to become a dog when he grows up, Mia has a fly living in her head and uncle Jaanus is about to drown in his own deep thoughts. These are stories filled with absurdity and some humor and several clever thoughts (at least I hope so).
The book is published by Tänapäev and it is designed by Dan Mikkin.

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