Feb 28 Princess Lulu Got a Prize from Latvian Children!

My book in Latvian "Princese Scella un Leta kungs" ("Princess Lulu and Mister Bones") got the 1st Prize of the Children's Jury in Latvia (forms 3-4).

The reading promotion program Children’s Jury has been organized for the last several years in Latvia and has become very popular among children. As part of the program,  thousands of children from all over Latvia aged six to seventeen have the chance to read, evaluate, and express their opinions of the newest children’s literature from Latvian and international writers. The goals of the Children’s Jury are to foster a joy in reading, to give children the opportunity to express their thoughts about books and reading, and to ensure that children have access to the latest literature even if their families can’t afford to purchase books.

This is my first book published in Latvia and it is a real honour for me that Latvian children like it so much! I'm simply very touched. The book is translated by Maima Grīnberga and published by "Liels un mazs". 
Here one can find some more words about the book:
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