Mar 20 Princesses with a Twist

My latest book "Teistmoodi printsessilood" ("Princesses with a Twist") consists of 30 separate short and funny (I hope) stories about princesses. These are no ordinary princesses that live in an ordinary castle, however. For example – one finds a backwards-princess, who does everything the wrong way around, and a barking princess, who is bitten by a flea, as well as Princess Balloon, who organizes a ball for the balls, and Princess Mummy, who is afraid of mice. The book isn't short of a couple of evil dragons, and a few nice princes; not to mention heaps of beautiful dresses, hats, and rosebushes. The illustrations are black and white. Writing and illustrating this book was fun, I hope that the readers will love it too. It is designed by Dan Mikkin and published by Tänapäev. 

© Piret Raud

© Piret Raud

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