Oct 07 Meeting of Illustrators in Poland

This weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to take part in an illustrators' event in the Old Town Hall of Gdansk, the home of Baltic Sea Cultural Centre of Poland. Illustrators from different Baltic Sea countries had gathered together to give talks and workshops and meet with each other. The highlight of the event was the opening of the exhibition "Sea Fairy Tales". These pictures by  artists from all the Baltic Sea countries were first exhibited in Tallinn in 2011. After that the exhibition has travelled to several countries and now it reached Gdansk. My picture (fish with red shoes) was chosen to be the symbol of the whole event and Grazyna Rigall from Poland used the image to make a huge mascot. It is quite impressive, isn't it?

The mascot of the event was sewn by Grazyna Rigall.

Grazyna Rigall has managed brilliantly to convey the spirit of my dear fish :).

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