Mister Bird's Story

"Mister Bird's Story" in Spanish. Published by Libros del Zorro Rojo.


Rights sold in German, Spanish, French, Lithuanian.


2009  5 Best Designed Children's Books, Certificate of Merit

         Special Prize Golden Book

2009  Raisin of the Year Award

2010  White Ravens List

Plot Summary

Mister Bird lives in a large forest together with all the other birds. His friends are very happy with their lives – they love building up their fancy nests and enjoy singing in the choir. But Mister Bird doesn’t care about nest building and singing. He wants to experience something different.

He leaves his home and tries to live like a pillow and like a hedgehog, like a snowman and like a carrot and like a fox.

One day he meets the charming Miss Birdie, who is on her way to the Great Song Festival. Mister Bird follows Miss Birdie as suddenly singing in the choir seems to be extremely exciting. At the festival his fellow birds ask him to be their conductor. Mister Bird gladly agrees to try conducting and he manages superbly. He suddenly realizes that it is so good to be amongst friends again. When the festival comes to an end, the birds honour him with a huge wreath of oak leaves. The wreath turns out to be a perfect nest for Mister Bird and Mrs Birdie.

"Mister Bird's Story" in Lithuanian. Published by Sofoklis.

Emily and Oh-So-Many Things


 Originally published in France. Rights sold in Estonian.

Three Wishes

The story is based on the motifs of a well-known Estonian folk tale. The translation from English to Japanese is made by Akie Maezawa. The book is edited by Keiko Kurozumi and designed by Masuro Tsujimura. Published by Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers.


Originally published in Japan. Rights sold in Estonian.

Everything Could be Pink!

"Emma Loves Pink". 


Originally published in Japan. Rights sold in Italian, Estonian.


 Plot summary

Emma is a little hare, who loves only pink things. She has lots of them – a pink cup, pink hair-band, pink umbrella and a pink tooth-brush. Eve But this is not enough for her. She would like everything to be pink – even the sky behind the window and the moon and the stars.

At Emma’s birthday everything is pink of course. Except the present of her friend, Ferdinand the Frog. There’s a green cabbage in it. At first Emma is disappointed, but after taking a bite she understands that perhaps green is just as good as pink after all.

Rosy Wants to Fly

About the Book

"Roosi tahab lennata" ("Rosy Wants to Fly") is a picture book about a little horse called Rosy, who desperately wants to be like her famous ancestor Pegasus and fly. She tries different ways, but fails and is obviously disappointed until her friend, a dog called Berry advises her not to take her forefather's legend too seriously. Berry himself has a famous ancestor too - ferocious three-headed Cerberus, but Berry himself has only one head and he is very friendly.

Rosy understands that nobody has to be like his grandfather. She realizes that being simply yourself is good enough and she composes a little poem about it. She enjoys making poems so much that she composes several poems. Rosy finds inventing poems great fun. She feels like she is flying.

Some Illustrations. 

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