Sanna and the Poachers

"Sanna and the Poachers" in Estonian.



2005  Children's Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia

2005  5 Best Designed Children's Books, Certificate of Merit


Plot summary

The little elephant Sanna lives in Africa. Her father works in a car wash, her mother in pottery, where she paints wonderful elephants around the rims of the plates. When not doing her school homework, Sanna goes to ballet and takes karate lessons, learns carving and playing the trumpet. At the request of the doctor, Sanna's parents send her out to the country to her grandmother’s, as she has become exhausted with too much activity. But instead of getting a rest, Sanna experiences hair-raising adventures.

While she is on her first bus journey alone there is an earthquake. The journey is broken and she has to carry on travelling on her own. The seemingly nice man who offers to accompany her on her journey turns out to be a cruel poacher, who is hunting elephants for their ivory. His and his friends’ next victim will be Sanna’s grandmother. Sanna manages to escape from the criminals and with the help of friends foil the poachers’ plans.


Children's Books from Estonia, Estonian Literature Centre, 2007

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